provides a comprehensive online course in systems biology and interdisciplinary skills which are increasingly important to cutting edge biological research.

The course materials are built around biological examples drawn from a wide range of research areas and biological scales. These illustrate maths and computing techniques which can be used to model and analyse biological systems. Every topic includes code examples (in MATLAB or R), exercises and quizzes, with support provided by online tutors.

The course contains 3 modules:

1) Basic skills;
2) Advanced topics and applications;
3) Project work.

Each module is studied part time over six months and requires around five hours study a week.

Click here to see an example session: Module 1.2 Topic 1.9 The Repressilator.

The course is open to at all levels of researchers: from graduates beginning their career through to established researchers wishing to improve their skills. The course includes the necessary background for the mathematics covered and does not assume any previous experience in computer programming.

SysMIC has been supported by the BBSRC and is free* for researchers with BBSRC funding. Details of the costs for other researchers and industry places are available on request.

Registration is open to start the course in Apr 2015.

Email for further information or to book a place on the course.